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Auberge and Spa Beaux Rêves Spa Video (Short Version)

Auberge and Spa Beaux Rêves Spa Video (Short Version)

For over 20 years, Richard Emmanuel has produced high quality and timeless photography and videography for a diverse group of clients. Held in high regard for his style and eye for beautiful visuals, Richard has had the honour of photographing the British Royal Family, heads of state, and travel far and wide to capture brides around the world. Richard and his talented team are able to offer all components of photography, videography and photo booth. Making your visual capturing complete. To begin your visual journey today, please call 416-450-0450 Biography Richard Emmanuel is an accomplished multimedia professional whose artistic talents and business savvy have propelled him to the forefront of the Canadian and international photography scenes. From an early age, Richard was surrounded by photography and art. His father, Milan, an expert photographer first exposed Richard to the world of cameras, images and light. Richard’s future was destined from the moment he picked up his first camera, astonishing everyone with his inherent talent to capture the beauty of life one frame at a time. After completing his Bachelors of Applied Arts from Ryerson University in Toronto, Richard assumed the responsibilities of operating and managing the family’s business, Canada’s largest full service photography studio. In 1998 he capitalized on the success of the family business and launched a commercial multimedia company specializing in visual content for advertising and industrial imaging. Blue-chip clients include Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, AT&T, Bell Canada, McDonalds, Royal Bank, VISA, as well a list of international magazines. Encouraged by the success of his commercial enterprises and the increased demand for his artistic visual works, Richard launched Richard Emmanuel Photo & Cinema Co. an exclusive personalized photography service. This select service has found its patrons amongst Royals, celebrities, world leaders and public figures. Select clientele include Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, Pope John Paul II, French President Jacques Chirac, Right Honourable Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and former US Secretary of State Colin Powell. In the News: Richard Emmanuel was named Studio of the Month by the international Photography Monthly magazine. The magazine noted that “Presidents of nations, heads of state, high-ranking military and political officials have all stood before his lens.” It goes on to state that when Richard covered the Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 49th General Assembly, he was the only official photographer with permission to photograph Princess Anne in the Holyrood Palace and aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. The article concludes, “After all, if he’s photographed world leaders, he is definitely capable of covering weddings or portraits properly.” Call 416-450-0450 to contact us for your upcoming event.
Flying  Show Travel Series, travelling by private plane 3 friends looking for adventure and flying

Flying Show Travel Series, travelling by private plane 3 friends looking for adventure and flying

Looking for a flying show with adventure? Hop in the front seat of our Cirrus SR22 plane, as we go flying and visit some cool places, find really tasty restaurants and entertainment along the way....next stop is Sun N Fun ‘air show in sunny Lakeland, Florida and more adventures. SUN 'n FUN Int'l Fly-In & Expo https://www.flysnf.org/ Subscribe to our channel to be notified of our next episode. “We fly, we eat, we play”. CHASING THE SUN Lifestyle Travel Series From jet setting adventures to volatile weather systems, follow a crew of 3 as they fly their own plane to unknown locations. Segments include Preflight, in the cockpit, take off and landing, checking out the destination, Finding the best places to eat, entertainment and culture! Thanks for watching and we look forward to meeting you! Hotel: www.santamariasuites.com @santamariasuites Restaurant: @betterthansexdesserts https://www.betterthansexdesserts.com @Hot Tin Roof Restaurant https://www.oceankey.com/key-west-restaurant.aspx Locations: Key West, Florida / @Key West, Florida Miami, Florida / @Miami, Florida Interviews with available celebrities that like to fly: Harrison Ford, John Travolta Angelina Jolie Tom Cruise Jay-Z Oprah Winfrey Steven Spielberg Tyler Perry Celine Dion Morgan Freeman Ralph Lauren Richard Branson Jimmy Buffett Larry Page and Sergey Brin Dennis Quaid Gisele Bundchen Kurt Russell Clint Eastwood Phil Mickelson Jim Carrey Mark Cuban Contact Richard Emmanuel at studio@richardemmanuel.com for more info. “CHASING THE SUN” © Richard Emmanuel, Toronto Canada

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