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You can see Richard's work on the front pages of magazines and National Post editorials.  Richard's photographic services have also found its patrons amongst the Royal family, celebrities, world leaders, and public figures, including
Royal Highness Princess Anne, Pope John Paul II. 
Richard's airtime includes City TV, Global, and A&E Network. 

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"Photography is meant to be inspiring artisicaly and fun, Richard Emmanuel Photography does just that. I had the excited privilege of being at the forefront of Richard camera, it was a great experience. I recieved amazing photos, felt extremely comfortable, and best I was so confident with having my picture taken.  So with Richard Emmanuel, you get great, awe inspiring photos, and you feel great having the photos taken."


-Renee Ferguson
Wedding Planners Institute of Canada

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"Richard has always been accommodating to my clients' needs and wishes. He is extremely creative and thinks out his photography timeline carefully and purposefully to ensure that every moment of the wedding is captured. I look forward to working with Richard every time my clients hire him "


-Wendy Lee
Wedding Planner
"Richard is awsome at what he does! He's very talented, thinks outside of the box, super cool and easy to get along with. My husband does not like having pics taken of him and Richard made him feel so at ease and very comfortable with it all. Loved our experience with him and all our pictures!"
-Stephanie Gomes

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