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Richard Emmanuel Studios is an international Professional Photography & Video Production company. We offer added value with our specialized close range aerial for clients in need of innovative footage and imagery. Our Flying Cameras are small, light weight, battery powered that fly like a helicopter with versatile flight capabilities to get the the shots that were impossible in the past unless you had a super big budgets. Our state of the art flying cameras are quiet, green and have multiple electric motors for beautiful and steady HD quality aerial photography and video shoots. The best part is they are now super affordable and can be part of your photography and/or video production. Let me tell you that every time we add the footage from these perspectives the production value looks awesome!

Our remote controlled devices can replace a camera Jib on a Movie or TV set, it can get that seemingly impossible shot for a Car Commercial or any application you see fit.

We use precise GPS controls, and gyro stabilized, steady cam camera mounts. Now, our cameras can fly with the smoothest shoots you have ever seen!

For weddings, our flying cameras have been able to capture impossible angles covering large wedding parties. We are able to capture beautiful landscape and architecture that our clients have worked so hard to make the perfect event.

Reserve your flying camera today with our long standing studio with over 20 years of experience. We help you create dynamic Hollywood angles to intrigue your viewers.


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