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Many years ago I picked up my first camera. Following in my fathers footsteps I continued my path as an image maker. I discovered my favourite three fundamentals in photography are stylized compositions, mood lighting and FEELING. When I am shooting I follow my senses and wait for the right moment that speaks me to. I love to focus in on all the details that tell the true story of the day. It’s the greatest feeling in the world when you can make someone emotionally fulfilled. I have devoted my life to photography and will continue to help others in preserving their most special day.


Richard Emmanuel is an accomplished multimedia professional whose artistic talents and business savvy have propelled him to the forefront of the Canadian and international photography scenes. From an early age, Richard was surrounded by photography and art. His father, Milan, an expert photographer first exposed Richard to the world of cameras, images and light. Richard’s future was destined from the moment he picked up his first camera, astonishing everyone with his inherent talent to capture the beauty of life one frame at a time.
After completing his Bachelors of Applied Arts from Ryerson University in Toronto, Richard assumed the responsibilities of operating and managing the family’s business, Canada’s largest full service photography studio.

In 1998 he capitalized on the success of the family business and launched a commercial multimedia company specializing in visual content for advertising and industrial imaging. Blue-chip clients include Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, AT&T, Bell Canada, McDonalds, Royal Bank, VISA, as well a list of international magazines.

Encouraged by the success of his commercial enterprises and the increased demand for his artistic visual works, Richard launched Richard Emmanuel Photo & Cinema Co. an exclusive personalized photography service. This select service has found its patrons amongst Royals, celebrities, world leaders and public figures. Select clientele include Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, Pope John Paul II, French President Jacques Chirac, Right Honourable Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and former US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

In the News:
Richard Emmanuel was named Studio of the Month by the international Photography Monthly magazine. The magazine noted that “Presidents of nations, heads of state, high-ranking military and political officials have all stood before his lens.” It goes on to state that when Richard covered the Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 49th General Assembly, he was the only official photographer with permission to photograph Princess Anne in the Holyrood Palace and aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. The article concludes, “After all, if he’s photographed world leaders, he is definitely capable of covering weddings or portraits properly.”


A Toronto Wedding Photographer with Vision and Style

Congratulations! You have an engagement ring on your finger, and you are starting to visualize your dream wedding: the perfect wedding dress, the reception hall decorated with beautiful flowers and majestic centrepieces, the celebration with friends, family and your brand new spouse. Why not get the best wedding photographer in Toronto to capture one of the most amazing days in your life?
Richard Emmanuel will not merely show up at your wedding and take photographs. He will capture your memories and the emotions behind them. When you look back years later at the pictures he takes, not only will you remember the moment that was captured, you will remember how it made you feel.

Wedding Photographs that are Works of Art

With over twenty years of experience in the photography business and a clientele that includes royalty and renowned world leaders, Richard Emmanuel is highly sought after in Toronto. Wedding photographers might be plentiful, but no one offers the creativity that forms the cornerstone of Richard’s work. He regards every picture he takes as a work of art.

“When I am shooting I follow my senses and wait for the right moment that speaks to me.”
– Richard Emmanuel, Toronto wedding photographer –

Whether your wedding day is a small, intimate gathering of friends and family, or a huge society event in a grand ballroom, Richard Emmanuel will capture those moments and details that make special days all the more special. From the close-up shots of the exquisite detail on your wedding dress to the group shots of your guests and wedding party, Richard will give you quality and artistry that you will not find anywhere else.

Photography is about planning the perfect shot…

We’ve all seen traditional wedding photographs featuring the bridal couple surrounded by their bridal party and family members, the pictures that are taken in locations like parks and gardens. Richard Emmanuel takes these pictures to a whole new level.

“I discovered that my favourite three fundamentals in photography
are stylized compositions, mood lighting and FEELING.”
– Richard Emmanuel, Toronto wedding photographer –

Richard will not simply have you posing in a garden. Well, he might – but he will bring his own unique elements to every shot. Whether it is props, poses or changes to the lighting, he will give you pictures unlike any you have ever seen. At the same time, he has a gift for capturing the emotion along with the moment.

…But it is also about capturing unexpected moments

A single tear rolling down the cheek of an emotional bride. A groomsman laughing heartily at a joke. The bridal couple stealing a kiss when they think nobody’s looking. An exhausted flower girl falling asleep in her chair.
These are the kinds of moments that often get lost. Richard Emmanuel can see these moments where others might not think of looking, and he will capture them for you so you can keep them forever.

A flying camera for shots that are out of this world

Is your wedding reception being held on a luxury golf course with a stunning aerial view? Do you want to see all of your hundreds of guests in a single shot? Or perhaps you want to see shots taken from a bit of a distance.
Richard Emmanuel has a state-of-the-art “flying camera” which can get some truly unique photographs/video of your wedding day or any type of special event. The phrase “impossible shot” does not exist for him.

Richard Emmanuel is a Toronto wedding photographer and cinematographer who also covers, VIP events, Commercial/Corporate events, TV commercials, marketing campaigns and many various local and global events. Contact the studio for a consultation about his photography, videography and photo booth services, studio@richardemmanuel.com.





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